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C.O.R.E. Krav Maga.
Self Defense. No BS.

Why waste time with rebranded kids’ martial arts or sports based systems passing themselves off as street self defense? C.O.R.E. Krav Maga has empowered hundreds of folks in WNC with self defense skills for more than a decade.

So, how are we different?


We teach real skills for when your life is in danger. No head-high spinning kicks. No rolling on the ground with an attacker for five minutes while his buddies kick you in the head. C.O.R.E. Krav Maga is straight forward and to the point.


Techniques that just look pretty are complicated and don’t work under stress. Instead, you’ll get simple self defense skills that get you and your family home safe. You’ll leave class every night with a new technique under your belt.


Forget the frustration of molding yourself to a matial arts style. We’ll guide you in creating your own personal self defense system, covering topics from weapons to guerilla ground fighting… and everything in between.

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The C.O.R.E. Krav Maga Philosophy

We're all about keeping it real. And that means more than just techniques.

Sure, you’ll learn practical self defense skills, and how to adapt each one to your unique strengths. But we don’t stop there. You’ll also develop…

Psychological Self Defense Skills

Understand how your mind and emotions work under stress. Every skill you gain will be improved under pressure. We’ll make sure you can do each technique when it really counts.

Perseverance to Power Through

Boost your ability to push through your perceived limits… and find new ones. You’ll develop the power to overcome whatever is thrown your way.

Fitness for a Winning Edge

Get fit to fight when you develop the ability to train longer and harder. You’ll know you’re becoming the best you can be– and getting better every class.

What are folks saying about our self defense training?

“If you’re looking for the best training to survive real world violence, this is the place.”

– Travis C.

“The class combines smart and useful information with physical techniques. Very competent and professional.”

– Monica R.

“The instructor takes time to explain every technique, and the other students never make you feel intimidated.”

– Bill M.

“WNC is blessed to have the quality, experience, and excelence you bring. You have a ministry and calling to help many.”

– Eva S.

Learn self defense in our C.O.R.E Krav Maga classes and seminars... now in a new location.

Since 2007, Asheville Integrated Combatives has provided Krav Maga training for self defense to people all across western NC. And we just got better… for your benefit.

Now we’ve joined forces with Land of the Sky Martial Arts for a whole new school, just 15 minutes from our old training space.

Become a part of something special. Try our group classes. You can read about the newest evolution of C.O.R.E. Krav Maga at Riverside Martial Arts Academy’s website

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Can’t make weeknight classes? 

Check out our Second Saturday Self Defense Seminars. They’re open to the public, no experience needed. We can even create a custom seminar for your group. Click here to see info about our 2018 seminars.

How to contact us...

In November, 2017, Asheville Integrated Combatives Joined forces with Land of the Sky Martial Arts. The result? A bigger and better school, giving you more training opportunities.

The new school is Riverside Martial Arts Academy.

So, here’s how to contact us for self defense training in C.O.R.E. Krav Maga…

Click here to visit the C.O.R.E. Krav Maga page on the Riverside Martial Arts Academy website, OR

Call or text the instructor, Steve, at 828-761-1570, OR

Email Steve at [email protected].