Krav Maga classes give you the power of protection.

You’re serious about protecting yourself and your family. We’re serious about helping you. The streets can throw anything your way. Practicing on a regular basis is the best way to stay ready.

Stop wondering what you will do when faced with violence. Our C.O.R.E. Krav Maga classes are designed to give you the answers.

Time won’t be wasted when you train with us. No rote memorization of useless katas. Forget techniques that look pretty but lack function. Every moment of class is used to develop skills that will help you stay safe.

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Our Krav Maga classes give you more than what you bargain for.

Unlike other schools, you’ll get much more than techniques. We pride ourselves on giving students every advantage possible. Take a look at all you’ll develop… beginning with the first class.

  • Physical defense skills

    Learn real skills to keep your family safe. But we don’t stop there. You’ll know why the technique works, and how to adapt it to yourself.

  • Mental defense skills

    Understand how your mind and emotions work under stress. Every skill you gain will be improved under pressure. We’ll make sure you can do it when it counts.

  • Perseverance

    Boost your ability to push through your perceived limits. Develop the power to overcome whatever is thrown your way.

  • Fitness

    Get “fit to fight” when you develop the ability to work and train longer and harder. You’ll know that you are becoming the best you can be– and getting better every class.

The best part is, you don’t have to do any of this alone. We’re one big family that works, sweats, overcomes, and learns together. You’ll be surrounded by like-minded folks who will always support and encourage your training.

You’ll be amazed at what you learn in class every week. Defend against punches and kicks. Defeat a grappler at his own game. Survive a weapon assault. Use weapons- including improvised ones- to come out on top.

Get your training started as easily as fending off that big haymaker coming your way… one FREE week, and a 30-day trial with no obligation. Ready to give it a shot? Click here to take charge of your own protection.

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Thank you for instructing such an exceptional self defense course for the dependent spouses of the 14th Weather Squadron. They now possess an effective defense foundation and the confidence to protect themselves and our children. Our wives and daughters are better prepared mentally and physically because of your efforts.

Richard D. ButlerLt. Col., USAF

I stayed because I loved how tough I felt and learning all the ways my body can be used to protect myself. I have really enjoyed this class and learning so many things.

Autumn G.