Wake up every morning confident that you can keep your family safe.

Like me, you watch the news and wonder what all of the violence means for you and your family.

What if I’m held at gun-point? Should I give them what they want, or fight back?

What if my family is with me? Could I protect them?

What if someone tries to take me or my child? How would I stop them?

No more what-ifs.

Two things you can count on.

  • You’ll get simple, effective solutions for protection.

    That’s what the C.O.R.E. Krav Maga program is all about. And you know what? You’re right to want that.

    I look around at how the world has changed over the past few years. I see the news. I shake my head at the stupidity of things like “the knockout game.” I’m bewildered by attacks on helpless people.

    I worry about- and sometimes fear for- the well-being of myself and my family, just like you do for yours. I’m not going to teach you anything in class that I wouldn’t trust my own life to… or the lives of my wife and kids.

  • Your time won’t be wasted when you’re in class.

    Time is valuable. Everything you do will be geared toward real life application- from the first moment you step into class.  No wasting time doing pointless katas. Forget about sport or competition techniques. You are going to learn how to get the job done quickly and go home.

    This is serious business. You know that. That’s why you aren’t looking for a run-of-the-mill martial arts school. Sure, you’ll work hard in class. I’ll push you and challenge you to get better. Why? Because I never want you to have to say your training let you down. Not when it counts.

    Look, I’m not going to lie and say that you’ll know everything in two months. I’m not going to tell you it won’t take work. But imagine knowing- every time you go out- that the power to stay safe is in your own hands.

But wait, there’s more…

Sorry, I know that’s cliché. But that doesn’t mean what I’m about to say is any less true.

We are one big (and some say scary) family. Everyone in class is there to support you. They want you to succeed. Why? Because that’s who we are at AIC.  And it’s not just me saying it. Students will tell you the same thing.

I started training at AIC in 2011. Five years later, Krav has become a way of life. I have had an amazing journey since joining AIC.

I really enjoy being challenged to go past my limits. AIC has given me more confidence and has helped me be more disciplined.

The instructor is great and puts a lot of hard work into the techniques he teaches. The training and the other students are very professional. I love my family at AIC.

If you are looking for the best kind of training to survive real word violence, this is the place to train.

Travis C.

There’s one way to really find out what I’m talking about. Come try it for yourself.

Take a week… two classes… on me. Try it. Four hours, FREE. The best part is, after your free week you get even more time to try it out. Like and additional 30 days for only $75, no obligation and no risk.

That means you get 5 weeks total… 10 classes… 20 hours of training. Everything that you learn in those 20 hours is power that nobody can ever take away from you.

Just fill out the sign up form and submit it. I’ll call you to set up your FREE week of training. No obligation. No risk. In fact, tell me “These classes haven’t taught me anything valuable” during your 30 days, and I’ll give you back your $75.

Oh, one more thing. I like to make sure each new student gets personal attention. So, there is a limit on the number of new students that get to start each week. Make sure you avoid a waiting list by signing up now.